Here on Cheese Island we represent the efforts of more than 30 Vermont cheese makers as well as another half dozen from neighboring New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We are an important link in the chain that supports sustainable agricultural efforts in our area. The sale of local cheeses accounts for more than 60% of our total sales. We offer as much variety as possible including: various milk sources (cow, sheep, goat and mixed); soft & rich double and triple creams; aged and extra aged tommes. We run the gamut from cheddars to bries to chevres to goudas to washed rinds to blues.  Many of our cheese are from grass-fed or pastured animals. Many of our cheeses are from raw milk.

For extra variety we also carry a fine selection of imported cheeses. These include such staples as Manchego, Bucheron and Taleggio. We have extensive offerings of your everyday mozzarellas, parmesans, romanoes and fetas. In addition, you will find ideal cheese accompaniments such as fruit pastes, honeys, conserves, mustard and crackers, all locally produced.

Many bulk cheese orders are eligible for a 10% discount. We offer monthly specials, cheese of the week, weekend specials, sampling and recipes.

Assisting customers with their questions and selections is what we thrive on. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always there to offer a taste, a cooking tip or a serving suggestion. Our personal customer service allows us to accommodate orders for larger or smaller portions as well as tasting to help with choices.

Some of our top local cheese makers:

Vermont Creamery, Grafton Village Cheese, Cabot Cheese , Jasper Hill Cellars, Parish Hill Creamery, Livewater Dairy, Boston Post Dairy


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