Ends Policy #4:

A regenerative business that has a net positive environmental impact.

We aspire for our food Co-op to grow towards a “net positive environmental impact.” From the people of Brattleboro as well as surrounding communities, to the Whetstone Brook and Connecticut River, to the animals and plants we want to have a regenerative impact. While we are not perfect we continue to strive for improvements every year.

One example of our sustainability approach and focus on a regenerative business was the opening of our new store in 2012. The store includes a cooking classroom, community room and mixed income apartments on the third and fourth floors. We collaborated with our local Windham and Windsor Housing Trust to make this project a reality.  A few highlights of the green initiatives include solar panels on the roof, Vermont slate on the exterior of the building and permeable street pavers outside the store entrance. We were excited to be awarded the 2012 EPA National Award for Smart Growth – Main Street or Corridor Revitalization.

2012 EPA Smart Growth Website

EPA video highlighting Brattleboro Food Co-op for 2012 EPA National Award for Smart Growth – Main Street or Corridor Revitalization

Waste Stream Stats for Fiscal Year 2015 / 2016:

  • 70 Tons of cardboard
  • 31 Tons of compost
  • 8.4 Tons of plastic and glass
  • 4.9 Tons of paper

Compost 4-Year GraphLandfill 4-Year Graph