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Recipe: Manoushe wit Za'atar PDF Print E-mail

April 2017

Manoushe with Za'atar

(Lebanese Herb Flatbread)

GM Report: Connection, Co-op Style PDF Print E-mail

March 2017
by Sabine Rhyne, General Manager

It’s unfortunate, but often we don’t value what we have until it’s gone. We have at times in our larger co-op history witnessed ourselves taking the very existence of our co-ops for granted. After all, the Brattleboro Food Co-op and others of its relative age have now been around long enough that the youth of Generation Z (born in the late ‘90s and beyond) and millennials (born largely between 1980 and 2000) have always known it to exist. And to those young people, especially those commonly called Gen Z-ers, they seek more radical ways to upend the system, believing that brick-and-mortar stores are, well, “passé.” Well, perhaps they seem so on the surface. But still, we offer a much more interactive way to engage with the food system than any other food store that operates out of a building. And we provide an important space for our community and our staff: a solid place to work, shop, and meet.

Herb of the Month: Za'atar PDF Print E-mail

by Chris Ellis, Staff Nutritionist
April 2017

What is Za’atar?

It was a totally new word to me—it’s an herb and spice blend, and can be found alongside other seasonings and mixes. Even though some of you may be familiar with it, we decided it was well worth it to inform other Co-op shoppers who don’t know about it. Za’atar is available in a spice jar in the Bulk department, way down at the bottom far end, since it starts with the last letter of the alphabet, and perhaps this is one reason why it may be overlooked. It has a dark green or brownish color with specks of white from the sesame seeds that are a key part of the mix. I tasted it as is before I even started writing about it or using it in cooking—it has a mild saltiness with a lemon twist and a strong flavor of thyme and oregano. The sesame seeds give it a light crunch. Right away I imagined it would be a tasty blend to add to olive oil for dipping bread in, and I soon learned it is often used this way.

BOD Report: BFC's Waste Stream & Ends Policy 4 PDF Print E-mail

March 2017
by Beth Neher 

The BFC exists to meet its shareholders collective needs for: A regenerative business that has a net positive environmental impact.

End 4 came up as part of a larger board discussion of the Ends Policies in November when our General Manager, Sabine Rhyne, submitted a monitoring report addressing how fully her leadership of the Co-op has brought the store into compliance with the seven Ends Policies. At the end of our discussion, the GM noted that she had not met End 4 and could not state compliance. She stated that the Co-op has more work to do to reach the goal of a net positive environmental impact, and one way of moving in that direction is to continue to reduce the waste stream.

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