Brattleboro Winter Overflow Shelter Update and Call for Shareholder Meals Support

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The former Austine School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will house Groundworks Collaborative’s winter overflow shelter. The dormitory-style building can accommodate 33 beds, has adequate living and dining spaces, and ample bathroom facilities. This is an improvement from the First Baptist Church on Main Street which could only handle 20 beds and was over capacity on 43 percent of the 167 nights the shelter was open last winter season.

Onward and Upward

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I received a wide spectrum of comments on last month’s column. Some were shocked—they had no idea how much we have been swept into the struggles that confront so many in our town. Others, who are more aware of this, were largely positive about shining a light on the situation. I take heart in the mostly positive reactions, and hope that you who have read this and thought more deeply about it share

Parish Hill Creamery

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The Dream— Six years ago, Peter Dixon and his wife Rachel Fritz Schaal unrolled a giant piece of paper on the big farmhouse table in their kitchen in Westminster West. They started writing out their dreams for the future, and Rachel said, “Okay, this is it, your last best cheese business. What is your heart’s desire?”