It”s All About the Food: Chocolate

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Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are basically inextricable—but chocolate is one of my favorite sweet treats almost anytime of the year, not just in February. I especially like the dark, dark chocolate that is not very sweet at all—in fact the more bitter, the better! This version is healthier since it is less adulterated than so many other options out there, with fewer unhealthy ingredients, and without the milk products to which many people are intolerant. In the last 10 years the varieties of chocolate have expanded exponentially—considering all the dark and milk selections available, and the options for different additions of fruit, nuts, and seeds, etc. These days it can be a little overwhelming to choose a chocolate confection, with so many options and numerous new ones constantly appearing. Consumers scan not only for ingredients but for percentages of cacao content, and also often look to see which are Fair Trade, sustainably grown, or organic.

KidsPlayce Says “So Longˮ to Loyal Reader and Requests Shareholder Volunteers

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Many Friday mornings, for over 2 years, Bronna Zlochiver, BFC shareholder, and artist, has been bringing her kindness, sweetness, creativity and joy to the kids at KidsPlayce, an indoor play space for kids located on Elliot Street in Brattleboro. She researches, chooses, and dreams about what books the pre-school age kids would enjoy—she has even purchased titles herself to share with her little fans. In her Pippi Longstocking ponytails, or wearing a silly hat, Bronna walked to the Co-op the first and third Fridays of the month for years, to choose a healthy snack to share with her listeners from 10:30-11:30am as part of an Education and Outreach program called Story & Snack Time.

What’s Up With Your Board?

Balancing consistency and change: that’s what keeps us all healthy and vibrant—familiar ground to stand on with a good measure of growing, learning and challenge. This is true for the Brattleboro Food Co-op as well! Your newly seated 2018 Board of Directors embodies this balance. For consistency, we have 5 of 9 members with a combined Co-op board service of more than 18 years. Our five new members, elected this past November, bring to the Board expanded perspectives, a new set of experiences, and fresh ideas. With new people there is the healthy change in interpersonal dynamics and a shifting of roles. That’s invigorating!

Nutty Steph’s

The story of Nutty Steph’s starts at a Vermont gas station in 2003, when Stephanie Jaquelyn Rieke and her mother bought some granola as a snack. Her mom was unimpressed with what they tasted, and immediately knew that the granola Jaquelyn had been baking for many years in her home kitchen was far superior. Since Jaquelyn had just quit her job as a teacher and was seeking a lifestyle change,

Hearing Voices

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We are asking you to take some extra time this month to give us feedback. Not a lot of time, mind you, and although we have already heard from many of you about recent changes, this will be a more holistic survey that we conduct every couple of years to check in on your view of the entire range of Co-op activity. The results of our survey certainly inform us about things, but also get aggregated with