Support Orphanages in Haiti

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Ten years ago this month, just two days after an earthquake devastated the Caribbean island of Haiti, Co-op member Sheila Humphreys and then-deli clerk Mariam Diallo began a conversation that led to a decade-long connection between our community and Foyer Evangelique Orphanage (OFEU) in Haiti.

A Big Thank You to Chris Ellis, Staff Nutritionist for Changing Lives

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Chris has been a part of the Brattleboro Food Co-op family for many, many, years.  She has been our Staff Nutritionist and provided support to hundreds of staff and shoppers in one-on-one consultations as well as thousands more with her years of writing in Food for Thought. She also works in Early Education Services with a deep pride in delivering these children delicious and organic food. Her impact on the children of our community might be her greatest superhero strength, and for this we are deeply in debt to her work. You may have noticed that she has authored less articles recently in Food for Thought and while she will continue to write in Food for Thought it will be less often. This shift is occurring as we decrease the print editions of Food For Thought and manage the Co-op’s financial situation. 

Organic and Non-GMO is the Way to Go

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Recently I came across a meme on Facebook listing daily habits that will change your life. It stated: one-hour exercise, two liters of water, three cups of tea, four colors on the plate, five minutes of meditation, six songs that motivate you, seven minutes of laughter, eight hours of sleep, nine pages of a book, ten reasons to be thankful. My only addition would be to add 11 servings of organic and non-gmo food.


After a holiday season filled with abundance and out of the ordinary consumption, some folks turn to the New Year as a way to reset the body. New habits, food choices, recipes, supplements and exercise can support a New Year’s Resolution regimen built on healthy choices. As a Co-op we have always focused our January edition of Food for Thought on a local producer offering a product that could support your health. This month we will share the story of Suzanna Kamphuis of Keene, NH and her supplement called TotumVos (means “Totally You” in Latin) which is a delicious collagen-based supplement.

The Co-op Difference

At the Annual Meeting, Sabine Rhyne, our General Manager, used this phrase to characterize why shoppers chose the Co-op: “The reasons we, or at least I, head to the Co-op have to do with more than what is offered on the shelves.” In some respects the Co-op difference is intangible, elusive. In addition to purchasing food, you might see someone you’ve been meaning to call, hear live music in the café, and/or alleviate the feeling of ennui we can experience in our disconnected society. I know that I shop the Co-op for a myriad of reasons—it’s about the food, but it’s not just about the food.

Self-Improvement, 2020 Edition

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Despite it being January, it’s hard to know where to start, when we are looking at new beginnings throughout our lives. First and foremost, I want to express the thinking I’ve been doing since the week of the Annual Meeting, including the community conversation in which many of us took part. The most overarching emotion to convey is gratitude. Gratitude to the aggrieved parties who took the forum offered to shareholders to bring up concerns to the organization and to quite openly expose their hurt and dismay at the various transgressions we have made, the microaggressions we have perpetrated on people of color. Although our Co-op is an open and forward-thinking organization, we reflect the society we occupy, with all of its faults and challenges. So many of us have incorporated unconscious bias in our lives since we were small, since our great-greats were small, that we are terribly blind to the effects of our words and actions.