Available Deli Grab & Go Items

| Curbside Pickup, Deli

The Deli is open for Smoothies, juice, coffee, sandwiches, cold-case items (desserts and deli salads) and Pre-Packed Favorites for you to take home to eat/ heat & eat, and brick oven pizza is back!

Deli Menu for Curbside and Walk-In Shopping

Deli Sliced Meats (uncured, no added nitrates):
Our Own Roasted Turkey Stonewood Farm
Turkey Mckenzie
Roast Beef Mckenzie
Smoked Ham Mckenzie
Black Forest Ham Applegate
Prosciutto Trim
Other: Cured
Molonari Sopressatta
Genoa Salami
Deli Sliced Cheese:
Swiss Cheese
Cabot mild
Andrew & Everette Sliced Cheeses:
Monterey Jack
American White
Appetizers & Snacks
Sicilian Olive Blend *
Kalamata Olives – Pitted *
Kite Hill -Toasted Onion Dip – Vgn/*
Wayfare Nacho Cheese Spread – Vgn/*
Cedar Hummus and Chips
VT Salumi- Red Wine*
VT Salumi- Fennel *
Pate – Mousse Truffee *
Applegate Genoa Salami Snack Pack
Roasted Chickpeas *
Davidovich Bagels – Assorted 3 pk/6 pk
Davidovich Bagels – Cinnamon Raisin 3 pk
Croissants- 2 pk
Meal Solutions: Heat & Serve
Vegetarian/ Vegan:
Grilled Lemon Herb Organic Tempeh Steak *

Grilled Trout with Onions

| Recipes

Trout and other small whole fish cook quickly on the grill. The key is to keep the delicate fish from sticking on the grate and tearing. If you like to cook fish, it can be worth investing in a fish grilling basket.  This tool, made of wire, opens and closes to clamp the fish in place so you can cook it without placing it directly on the grate. If you don't have one, you can grill the fish wrapped in foil, which has the benefit of keeping it moist and adds the option of infusing the fish with added flavors such as lemon and herbs.

An Update from Sabine on White Fragility Book group…

| Food Justice

I need to apologize. Again. For my white privilege which has allowed me to not focus on racial inequality for the last 11 weeks, as, truth be told, I had no capacity other than thinking about staff and customers’ physical safety, keeping people employed, and providing food to the community. All fine ways to occupy my brain, but this last week reminded me that I have the luxury of not having to think about racial disparity, never mind safety, every minute of every day. That has to stop for me. I cannot accept that we are still having the kinds of actions that were once more perpetuated in Minneapolis, and across the nation, that are unacceptable and enraging.

BFC Staff Recognition for April, May and June

| Staff

Each month, Co-op employees nominate colleagues they want to honor, and a committee comes together to vote on a winner. Our staff have all been heroic over these last months, but we’d like to lift up these three gems in particular for standing out in a stellar crowd!

Wearing Two Hats

| Board of Directors

I am a cashier at our Co-op, and I am also a Board member. Being new to the Board, it can be challenging to remember which hat I am wearing at any given time! A little background: our bylaws require one and allow up to two staff directors on the Board. It’s commonly thought that I’m on the Board to represent only the Co-op employees, but that’s not the case. Staff directors, like patron directors, represent all shareholders. However, in my experience, my insights as an employee have been welcomed at our meetings.

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