DIY Honey Facial

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For fresh, clean, moisturized skin your go-to ingredient is honey. Not only is honey a natural humectant, (meaning it attracts moisture) but it has proven antibacterial, antiseptic action. Applied to your skin, honey gently disinfects blemishes and kills bacteria while protecting your skin and sealing in moisture. Compare this to conventional skin care ingredients used against blemishes that often contain alcohol and harsh acids which can leave skin dry and irritated. No contest!

Update from Daniel, Facilities Manager

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Retrocommissioning Update 2.9.2021

What is Commissioning?
When our building was first constructed and the various mechanical components were installed, the contractors who installed them went through the process of ‘commissioning’ the equipment. They filled the lines with refrigerant, set the compressors running, fired the boilers for the first time, established the various temperature points, created the various ‘rules’ for when the building automation system would run the heating, cooling, refrigeration and/or air movement systems as a result of the inputs of the dozens of sensors around the store. Nine years later, many of those ‘rules’ still stand.

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda: March 2021

Are you a shareholder of the Brattleboro Food Co-op? It has never been easier to attend a Board of Directors meeting. Simply call the Board Administrator, or send an email, in order to get the meeting link to the Zoom meeting.
Monday, March 1, 2021
5-7:30 pm
Due to COVID-19, this board meeting will be held online only. Shareholders are welcome to participate. Please contact Board Administrator (phone below) or for link to join.
Board Administrator: 802-246-2820 or 802-257-0236, ext. 820
NOTE: Next Board Meeting: April 5, 2021

Bulk Reset: Bring Your Containers!

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Plastic. It really stinks. No seriously, since the pandemic started it has been growing in use and it is not a feasible long-term option for our Earth, oceans, people and animals to survive in a healthy manner. We at the Brattleboro Food Co-op want to do everything that is possible to decrease plastic use. Recently we revamped our Bulk department in an effort to offer more serve-yourself options for bulk food. The main goal was to reduce plastic consumption by allowing you to bring your own clean containers into the Co-op and fill them. Yes, we did the research and it appears that COVID-19 does not exist on surface areas for long periods of time and thus transmission is low if anyone is sharing a surface. We will continue to sanitize and keep the bins clean. However, we ask that you please sanitize your hands or wear gloves before you touch pens, bins and containers. Don’t forget that if you forgot your own containers please use paper bags to purchase bulk food.

The Warp and the Weft: Holding the Thread

Every November we hold our annual meeting, a time when all shareholders – the owners – of the Brattleboro Food Co-op are invited to come together to listen, learn and participate. Whether in person or virtual there are usually about 100 people in attendance. In addition to the GM and Board officers’ reflections on the prior year, we engage with each other on timely issues that are typically a catalyst for the expression of passionate feelings and thoughts among Co-op members. People are not members of the Co-op by accident! There is intention behind a decision to be a member.