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About the Brattleboro Food Co-op Board of Directors: The BOD at the Co-op is made up of nine members, at least one of whom (and no more than two) must be a staff member. All Board members are elected by the shareholders and are responsible for ensuring that the values, purpose, and mission of the Co-op are properly carried out. The Board hires and oversees the General Manager and provides strategic leadership by:

  • Focusing on the big picture—envisioning how the Co-op is different from a regular grocery store, and what impact we make in our community
  • Listening carefully to our shareholders and translating their needs into a compelling vision
  • Engaging shareholders and potential shareholders in understanding our mission as a co-op and providing ways for shareholders to drive co-op results through everyday behaviors and choices

Meet the 2021 Board of Directors

Board of Director, Jerelyn Wilson Jerelyn Wilson, President Term expires 2024
Board of Director, Judy Fink Judy Fink, Vice President Term expires 2024
Board of Director, John Hatton John Hatton, Treasurer Term expires 2023
Board of Director, Denise Glover Denise Glover, Secretary Term expires 2022
Board of Director, Johanna Zalneraitis Johanna Zalneraitis Term expires 2024
Board of Director, Nick Dickison Nick Dickison Term Expires 2023
Yoshi Manale Term Expires 2023
Board of Director, Calvin Dame Calvin Dame Term expires 2022
Board of Director, Michele Meulendyk Michele Meulendyk Term expires 2022

The Board of Directors is elected by the Shareholders of the Brattleboro Food Co-op.Click here to view the 2021 Election Results