Join the Brattleboro Food Co-op Board of Directors

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2020 Board of Directors

What you get: you’ll have the opportunity to…

  • Receive ongoing professional development from CDS (a professional services cooperative focused on cooperatives)
  • Understand the complexity of a business founded on, and operated along principles you believe in
  • Develop leadership skills in a multitude of ways
  • Gain insight into governance of a cooperative and a business
  • Learn about cooperatives and their past and current role in civil society, and connect to the cooperative movement nationally. 
  • Problem-solve
  • Contribute to the Co-op and our community 
  • Focus exclusively on the work at hand: the Co-op provides tremendous administrative support and structure 

What current members say about service:

  • “My board service often makes me feel that what I know, and don’t know, is important, and a gift to be shared.”
  • “I’ve learned from the wisdom and experience of people I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with.”  
  • “I’ve learned how and when to ask for help in a professional context.”  
  • “Learning how to relate to the board as a power structure and visionary entity has been immensely educational.”
  • “I’ve enjoyed using my prior business skills to help sustain the Co-op.” 

What we do:

We meet on the first Monday of each month from 5:15-8:30. Meetings focus on shareholder input, monitoring and strategic conversations. We evaluate three things: the work of the general manager, our own work, and the health of the organization.  Board committees meet monthly and report out to the full board at each meeting. We also share dinner together. 

As a mission-driven co-operative, all of our work centers on providing:

  • Reasonably priced food and products with an emphasis on healthy, locally grown, organic, and fairly traded goods
  • A welcoming community marketplace
  • A workplace community where cooperative values are modeled
  • A regenerative business that has a net positive environmental impact
  • A sustainable local economy
  • Relevant information about food and related products, the environment, and the Cooperative Values and Principles
  • Reasonable access to participation in the cooperative

What we look for in board members:

  • Support for and curiosity about the Co-op, its shareholders, its mission and values 
  • Willingness to contribute to the task of governance
  • Constructive and creative leadership skills to contribute sound reasoning and judgment to the board governance process
  • Willingness to operate collegially in a group decision-making environment, to share power in group process and to delegate areas of decision-making to others
  • Ability to speak up, listen to understand, ask a question that deepens discussion/indicates a sound alternative perspective, and receptiveness to differing views
  • Willingness to stand behind board decisions publicly regardless of personal positions
  • Honesty, ability and eagerness to exercise independent judgment, courage and good faith
  • A good sense of humor and patience with process
  • Ability, or willingness to learn, to read financial reports
  • Connection to your community and awareness of its different demographics
  • Comfort communicating orally and in writing
  • Openness to learning

How Does the Board Fit Into the Co-op Structure?

There are 5 essential components of the Co-op’s structure and all are equally critical to our success: 

Board of Directors at the Coop

What’s expected of board members:

  • Come to meetings prepared
  • Participate thoughtfully, responsibly, and respectfully
  • Be a productive member of one committee
  • Reflect the Brattleboro Food Co-op in our wider community
  • Write two articles annually for “Food for Thought”
  • Represent the Board and engage with shoppers twice a year tabling at Co-op
  • Attend the annual meeting and annual retreat

Have questions or think you might have an interest in running for the board?

  • Speak to a board member by contacting board administrator, Sarah Brennan at 802-246-2820 or at or stop by the Shareholder Services desk.
  • Attend at least one board meeting
  • Read about Policy Governance and the Code of Conduct on the Co-op’s website
  • Complete the application by the first Friday in August 

Brattleboro Food Co-op