The Bulk Department

So many choices! Try a snack, as much or as little as you need: chocolate covered __________ (fill in the blank, we probably have it), nuts, trail mixes, sesame sticks, or jelly beans! And, of course, nearly every color of beans and peas, flours of all types, sugars, salts, quinoa, soup mix… we’ve got it going on here at the BFC Bulk department. Don’t forget your herb and spice needs; we have a huge selection, from allspice to za’atar! Or, maybe you like to browse the coffee bins or the dried fruit confections. Buying in bulk allows you to bring in your containers, which will get you a nickel off, and save some waste. If you forget your jar, we have some of those too, or you can, of course, grab a bag. Come marvel at the beautiful options in the bulk bins! You won’t believe your eyes. Buying in bulk is a way to save money and eat well!

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