The Meat Department


Holiday Roasts from the Co-op

All holiday Roasts arriving week of Dec 7th. Prices subject to change. While Supplies last.

Our meat department carries the largest selection of certified humane, no hormone, no antibiotics meat in the region. We focus on local and regional sourcing whenever possible. The majority of our meat is cut in-house by our team of butchers. All of our meat is fresh and vacuum-sealed, without the use of styrofoam. We offer custom cuts; feel free to ask for your specific need. And we make it so very easy for you to cook a marvelous dinner in no time flat with our creative choices of house-made marinated chicken and beef. Leave room in your basket for our world famous gluten-free sausages made in-house from fresh ground chicken and pork with fresh spices, cheese and other delicious ingredients. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, and always has recipes for you to take home. Ask them for tips today!

Our standards include:

  • Certified Humanely-Raised
  • Vegetarian feed
  • Non-GMO Feed whenever possible
  • Northeast regional and local whenever possible
  • Antibiotic free and no added hormones
  • No Styrofoam for packaging
  • Pasture-Raised and Grass-Fed whenever possible
  • A wide range of pricing and options  including some Organic and Non-GMO options whenever possible
  • House-Marinated offerings and House-Made Sausages
  • Gluten Free

Our Meat offerings include:

Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, in-house hand-made sausages and much more…

Holiday offerings:  Geese, duck, roast beef, fresh turkeys, spiral hams and more!

Some of our top farms and meat producers:

Northeast Family Farms, Hardwick Beef, Misty Knoll, Murray’s Chicken, Thousand Hills, Stonewood Farm, Applegate, Farmer’s Mark, VT Smoke & Cure, North Country Smoke House

Feedback?  Questions?  Product Request?

Call: 802-246-2818 (Meat department), 802-246-2810 (Meat and Seafood Manager)

Email: or send us a note using our Contact Form!