Kids & Adult Classes

Teddy Bear Tea with Ragan

Teddy Bear Tea with Ragan – Click image for details!

Please note: our in-house classes are on hold due to the pandemic for the time being. Thank you for your understanding.

We offer free kids and adult classes on-site at our modern and spacious community kitchen and meeting room. Sometimes our classes are offered by our staff as well as other community members. Our classes are open to everyone and most are free to attend.

Our kids classes are very popular, especially during holidays and school vacations. All our kids classes are free in order to make them accessible to all in our community. Some examples of current ongoing classes are:

Fun Foods from Around the World where each month we take the local and go global: we study the Vermont Harvest of the Month food and then make a traditional food from another country based on it. In the last 2 years, we have examined the culture, language and food of 20 different countries making scallion squash pancakes from China; radish, butter and baguette sandwiches from France; maple bean tamales from Honduras; sweet potato and peanut soup from Ghana; and parsnip and spinach bourek from Bosnia.

Fun with Food and Art where each month the BFC collaborates with the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center to bring kids to the museum to learn how to be a thoughtful patron and to make art based on the themes explored in the current exhibits. Then, we walk across the street to our Coop community kitchen where we make food connected to the art theme.

Story and Snack Time where each week a shareholder volunteer reads books and prepares a simple snack for pre-school kids at a local indoor play space.

Our adult classes are also well attended. More and more, these classes are born from collaborations with others.

  • Brattleboro Memorial Hospital nutritionists have co-taught cooking classes that guide people on how to make simple, healthy meals in 30 minutes.
  • Students in the monthly HCRS classes are volunteering to teach each other recipes that have been passed down to them by parents and grandparents.
  • Kids and adults attended a “Pet Bites” class when they made healthy dog biscuits that were donated to the Windham County Humane Society.
  • Vegan cooking classes as well as Mindful Monday movies often happen on a monthly basis.  These are both classes and events that are in collaboration with the local organization, Edible Brattleboro.  Look for classes on our events page.
  • The Food Choices Series happens at the Co-op every January and February as Shareholder and adjunct Professor at Keene State College Robin Matathias presents information on food choices such as greens, sea vegetables and fish.  In addition she shares recipes and prepares food to bring her presentations to life.  Look for more information in November of 2017 at the Co-op and on our events page.

Sometimes, community members simply want to share a cooking technique (vegan cooking or summer canning) or family recipe (Honduran tamales) while other times, Environmental Educators, Master Herbalists and Ayurvedic practitioners come to share their knowledge with others. Whatever the case may be, many of these adult classes are offered for a minimal fee or no fee at all.

Please review our calendar of events to find a class that fits your schedule and interest.

To register for a class, please send an email to
and include your name, your kid’s name, age of kid (s), any food allergies and a contact number in case of cancellation.