We are now accepting Common Good as a form of in-store payment for your Co-op purchases!

During the fall of 2021 William from Common Good reached out to the Brattleboro Food Co-op about us being a pilot and partner organization for growing a new economy through their system. Based on conversations, research, and reading we felt that their vision, mission, and strategy align well with the Co-op. In particular these areas felt very aligned:

  • sustainable agriculture and energy systems.
  • local self-reliance.
  • ensuring everyone has healthy food, a home, healthcare, satisfying work, and a livable world.

For these reasons and more we are now excited to accept this form of payment in our store. Keep reading to learn more about Common Good.

Common Good: Tools for a new economy In case you are not familiar with Common Good®, here’s how it works!

Put Money In. You Get Credit.

When you put money on your Common Good card, the money goes into a Community Fund and you get that much credit to spend at a participating business.

A participating business, such as the Brattleboro Food Co-op, uses a smartphone to scan the QR code on your card (or your phone) at no cost to either you or the business.


The Brattleboro Food Co-op is accepting Common Good®  payment at Register 1.
Register #1 is the only register we have this set up with at this point.

Credit Circulates. The business (in our case, the Brattleboro Food Co-op) can then use the Common Good monies received in payment FOR payment to other participating* businesses, suppliers, etc. Then, those WE pay with that credit, can spend it again at yet another participating business, and so on…. and that’s how the credit circulates through our community.

Common Good visual

Community Fund Grows. Meanwhile, as these monies are circulating from person to business, and back again, the original money you added to your Common Good account (from your bank account) is actually still ‘living’ in the Community Fund. That seed money is what is called the “float”, and represents the amount of credit actively being used; going in circles within the Common Good system.

The Community Fund typically holds about $250 per member. With that in mind, a thousand members are supporting a quarter-million dollars which can then be used toward worthwhile projects for the community and for the “common good.”

If you find yourself, at any time, with more credit than you can easily spend within the Common Good system, you can simply transfer the money to your bank account. When you do that, the Community Fund (the ‘living’ monies) will also drop by that amount.

As the amount in the Community Fund grows overall, it can be invested in worthwhile projects for the community and the “common good.” The money can even be used to create grants, backed by guarantees from supportive members.

Learn more about Common Good® by clicking here, or go right to the sign-up page to become an active participant*.

*Important Note: You must create an account with Common Good® to participate. Click here to go right to the sign-up page for a Common Good® account.

[from the Common Good® website]

Community funds

Why Common Good®
Because the Common Good payment system can lead to a Common Good Economy.

Why are you here? (on this planet, in this life) We all want a sense of meaning, of having a calling in life. Imagine that all of us, from the time we’re born, grow up knowing we will have enough to eat, a place to live, and a job. So we are free to follow our dreams and contribute to society in a way that brings us joy. We see this freedom-to-pursue-happiness as the purpose of a Common Good Economy. As a country, we do a miserable job supporting this freedom. We have millions of people hungry, millions of people homeless, even though a quarter of our defense budget could end poverty in the United States.

Locally, our funding decisions are more caring but less well funded.

What we need is greater community democracy, because that’s the level where we see what’s needed, where we care enough to make that our priority, where every voice can make a difference, and where there isn’t so much big money corrupting our democratic process.

So how does the Common Good system advance community democracy? We do this by funding whatever we decide together is important; building the new economy within the mainstream. With Common Good®, we can plan and decide together how best to address our challenges, knowing the funding will be there when we need it.