Free Class for Adults: Introduction to Acupuncture Channels


The acupuncture channels can seem like a mysterious and esoteric aspect of Chinese Medicine. This class will offer a straight-forward overview of what the acupuncture channels are, anatomically speaking, with an opportunity to experience where these channels are in your body through some group exercises.

Free Class for Adults: Chinese Medicine Winter Attunement

Michaela Wood, Alternative Medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine Instructor

Alternative medicine and natural healing methods such as Traditional Chinese Medicine can be accessible, gentle methods for staying healthy and happy all winter long. Learn to prepare for the coming season by relating what is happening in our natural world, to what is happening in our bodies, minds and spirits. Learn to care for yourself with food, self-care, and understanding. Adults and kids alike can benefit from traditional Chinese medicine teachings. There will be tastings of seasonal, nourishing foods.

Using Topical Herbs in Treatment of Sports Injuries


This class is an introduction to how topical herbs can be used in the treatment of common sports injuries such as muscle, tendon and ligament sprains, and bruises and contusions. Learn how herbal poultices and liniments can be incorporated into a treatment strategy.