Groundworks Collaborative is hiring a Director of Shelters

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Groundworks—a dynamic organization committed to providing shelter, food and supportive services with dignity—is hiring a senior leader to oversee its two shelters; each operating 24/7 and serving roughly 250individuals each year in the Brattleboro, Vermont area. We are seeking a seasoned leader with an extensive track record in enhancing systems, continuous improvement, and excellence in programmatic, operational and people leadership.Reporting directly to the Executive Director, this new position will have the creative opportunity to enhance services and systems to create programmatic and operational excellence. As the senior clinically trained staff member, the Director of Shelters will implement high service delivery standards, support clients and ensure that all services are provided with non judgment and compassion. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, this position will also provide agency-wide leadership and maximize impact by enabling seamless integration between Groundworks’ programs and services—contributing to Groundworks’ culture as a great place to work.

One Week left to utilize your Patronage

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Back in January of this year our Board of Directors declared patronage for Shareholders with a deadline to claim or donate to Groundworks Collaborative of April 1. We are extending this for one more week to allow for folx to utilize or donate at check out. If you do not utilize it by Friday April 8th, we will donate your patronage to Groundworks Collaborative. The note below is from our President of the Board, Jerelyn Wilson as it shares all the details on patronage from back in January.

Brattleboro Food Co-op hires new GM

With much enthusiasm the Board of Directors announces the hiring of Lee Bradford as the Brattleboro Food Co-op’s new General Manager. Lee offers over 26 years of business management expertise in a variety of industries. He is incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work in a co-op setting, which he described as less about getting food from point a to point b, and more about serving communities. He added that Covid has given us all the opportunity to think about deep values and what’s important to us.

New Board Member Appointed

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The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has appointed Yoshi Manale to fill the remainder of Steffen Gillom’s term on the Board (term expires 2023).  Here is Yoshi in his own words, from the statement of interest he submitted to the Board. Welcome, Yoshi!


We have not provided an update for a while, but we’ve certainly been busy! In October, the Committee met with a couple of staff members to get some “on the ground” perspective about what characteristics would be ideal in the next GM. Normally, due to the strictures of policy governance, Board members do not reach out to employees directly (“The only official connection of the board to the operational organization, its achievement, and conduct shall be through the general manager.” – Policy C.1), so this was a rare opportunity to get a window into staff sentiment that will help ensure our next GM will be a good fit.

Price Changes on Deli Sandwiches

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Over the past months we have been working to update the price of our sandwiches. After lots of number crunching and deliberation many of our sandwiches have increased in price. Price increases are never ideal but a reality of a Deli that sources foods with constant price fluctuations. Pricing from the Deli’s food producers and farmers are on the rise due to the cost of growing, cooking, baking, creating, and delivering food.

The Brattleboro Food Co-op Ends Policies – We want your feedback!

What are Ends and why are they important? Our Co-op’s Ends policies are governance policies formulated by the Co-op’s Board of Directors to reflect shareholders’ values and aspirations for our Co-op. Ends policies state the Board purposes of the Brattleboro Food Co-op: what we are trying to accomplish and for whom. The Ends explain our reasons for existing and lay out the desired future toward which we would like the Co-op, under the leadership of the General Manager, to work; in the work of the Board, the Ends are some of the ways that the Board monitors and assesses the General Manager’s performance. Ends are not necessarily immediately achievable; rather, they are often long term because they describe the kind of organization we want.