Shanta Lee Gander BFC Board of Director Interview

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Shanta Lee Gander has been in our community for about 10 years.  You may have seen her photography, on Facebook or at an exhibit.  Maybe you’ve heard her on Vermont Public Radio.  She says that she had intended to join the Brattleboro Food Co-op earlier, and finally did so in December of 2019, simultaneously with joining the Board of Directors in January, 2020.

Proposed Changes to Bylaws 2021

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Your Co-op Board of Directors takes quite seriously the fact that our bylaws are the Board’s agreement with you, who are our shareholders, about how we will run this business. And this business is a different kind of business – we are a “Cooperative.” And that has special meaning (check out the International Co-operative Alliance’s, .)

Beth Neher Board of Directors Interview

Beth Neher is nearing the end of her time as a Director on the Brattleboro Food Co-op Board.   Our BFC by-laws allow a director to serve 3 consecutive terms, and then they have to step down.  During her 3 terms, 9 years, Beth became the Board president and worked closely with our General Manager, as well as ran the Board meetings, worked with the other Directors to govern the Co-op; it’s a labor- and thought-intensive role, and Beth took it very seriously.

Big Shoes to Fill

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Shanta Lee Gander is stepping down from the Board of Directors after the October 4 Board meeting. Shanta Lee was appointed to the Board in January ’21 to fill the remainder of Grace Koch’s seat. As the indefatigable chair of the Board’s Community Engagement Committee, Shanta has been leading an ongoing “listening session” project to better connect the Co-op with the surrounding community. Of her Board service, Shanta says “one of the many things I am taking away is the depthless passion that you all have for our community and the sustainability of our Co-op, which has been inspiring.”  A published author, Shanta is stepping down from Board service in order to devote more time to bringing her next book to fruition, as it was just picked up by a publisher. Shanta will be missed! As noted by fellow Board member Beth Neher, Shanta has brought “an energy, thoughtfulness and perspective that has benefitted our work”.

The Brattleboro Food Co-op Ends Policies – We want your feedback!

What are Ends and why are they important? Our Co-op’s Ends policies are governance policies formulated by the Co-op’s Board of Directors to reflect shareholders’ values and aspirations for our Co-op. Ends policies state the Board purposes of the Brattleboro Food Co-op: what we are trying to accomplish and for whom. The Ends explain our reasons for existing and lay out the desired future toward which we would like the Co-op, under the leadership of the General Manager, to work; in the work of the Board, the Ends are some of the ways that the Board monitors and assesses the General Manager’s performance. Ends are not necessarily immediately achievable; rather, they are often long term because they describe the kind of organization we want.

Meet the Board! Joe Giancarlo

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Meet the Board: Tamara Stenn

You’ll probably recognize Tamara Stenn, not just from her photos from being on the Brattleboro Food Co-op Board, and her articles in Food for Thought.  Tamara has been in this community for many years, and a fellow shopper in the Co-op for all of that.  This interview gives a fun look at what brought her to this area, why she likes being on the BFC Board of Directors.

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