2020 BFC Election Results for BOD, Bylaws and Ratification

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TOTAL BALLOTS CAST: 1,029: 1,027 on-line ballots, 2 paper ballots. No ballots were invalid.


Steffen Gillom 853 votes Elected to the Board for a three year term

Mark Adams 773 votes Elected to the Board for a three year term

Joe Giancarlo 701 votes Elected to the Board for a two year term*

Reflections on the Annual Meeting

In case you were not one of the 145 owners who registered and/or attended the Brattleboro Food Co-op’s Annual Shareholder Meeting on the evening of Wednesday, November 11th, you can get a really good sense of the content by reading the minutes that will be posted once they are approved at the December Board meeting. They are actually quite descriptive.

Proposed Changes to the Bylaws – Update

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You may remember reading about some proposed bylaw changes in our .  We realized after the October Food for Thought ‘went to press’ that we did not include all proposed bylaw changes in that article. The Board is also recommending that Article 1 of our bylaws be amended as shown below. We previewed this for you in Beth Neher’s September Food for Thought article,  but unintentionally omitted the final proposed “before and after” in the October e-newsletter. Here are all the proposed bylaw changes that you’ll see on the ballot this year, starting with the changes to Article 1 .


Proposed Changes to the Bylaws

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Typically, bylaws are the stuff of dust. We – meaning everyone – tend not to pay attention to them and they gather dust on a shelf if printed or go unnoticed in our digital files. Not so for your Co-op Board of Directors. We take quite seriously the fact that our bylaws are the Board’s agreement with you, who are our shareholders, about how we will run this business. And this business is a different kind of business – we are a “Cooperative.” And that has special meaning. Check out the International Co-operative Alliance’s, . I found this very readable, instructive and inspiring.

BFC’s Purpose and Mission Statements

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I have to be honest with you: there are several areas of Board focus and work that are not easy. These areas involve careful and thoughtful focus on detail – sometimes numbers, sometimes reports or information, and sometimes words. In the end, words are often the most challenging in part because words are so hard to come up with when we are trying to communicate a particular value, belief or principle clearly, and once chosen, getting agreement can be difficult: personal preferences and different interpretations affect coming to agreement.

Aligning with Allies

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As I don my COVID facemask and walk down Brattleboro’s Main Street, I hear Black Lives Matters supporters’ calls for justice and see MAGA (Make America Great Again) supporters seeking economic power and national pride. Though seeming to face off against each other, I see more similarities than differences in the messaging. Don’t we all want to live well in a place where we feel safe, proud, and a part of it? I like to think of the Brattleboro Food Co-op as a haven of safety and neutrality. To me, the Co-op has always been a place where we come together to meet friends, connect and share community – even during hard times. But is it?  Can we be doing more to be an even stronger community connector and a truly welcoming space for all?