We have not provided an update for a while, but we’ve certainly been busy! In October, the Committee met with a couple of staff members to get some “on the ground” perspective about what characteristics would be ideal in the next GM. Normally, due to the strictures of policy governance, Board members do not reach out to employees directly (“The only official connection of the board to the operational organization, its achievement, and conduct shall be through the general manager.” – Policy C.1), so this was a rare opportunity to get a window into staff sentiment that will help ensure our next GM will be a good fit.

Beth Neher Board of Directors Interview

Beth Neher is nearing the end of her time as a Director on the Brattleboro Food Co-op Board.   Our BFC by-laws allow a director to serve 3 consecutive terms, and then they have to step down.  During her 3 terms, 9 years, Beth became the Board president and worked closely with our General Manager, as well as ran the Board meetings, worked with the other Directors to govern the Co-op; it’s a labor- and thought-intensive role, and Beth took it very seriously.