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News Flash

Co-op News Flash

Over the past months we have been working to update the price of our sandwiches. After lots of number crunching and deliberation many of our sandwiches have increased in price. Price increases are never ideal but a reality of a Deli that sources foods with constant price fluctuations. Pricing from the Deli’s food producers and farmers are on the rise due to the cost of growing, cooking, baking, creating, and delivering food.

Producer of the Month

Producer of the Month October 2021

Every October cooperative businesses from around the world celebrate National Co-op Month. As our fellow cooperators at the National Cooperative Business Association state, “National Co-op Month is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of a trusted, proven way to do business and build communities. Under the theme, “Build Back for Impact,” this year’s Co-op Month is also a chance to leverage our shared cooperative identity in the face of some of the biggest challenges we face: a global pandemic, climate emergency, and systemic racism. As we build back an economy that works for everyone, our biggest impact comes from embracing the values and principles that make us truly unique.” 

GM Report

GM Report

I have written in the past about some of the supply chain issues that we have had since the start of the pandemic. Initially, the situation was largely created by hoarding of products, with not enough in the pipeline to replace them on the shelves. Over the last few months, other issues with the supply chain have emerged, and there are multiple reasons for this.