Food for All

BFC shareholders who are eligible can receive a 10% discount* on groceries as part of our Food for All program. You can also receive an additional 5% off purchases (total 15% discount*) in exchange for doing two hours of volunteer work per month.

How does it work? First, become a shareholder.

You can join online here, in the store at the Customer Service desk, or, if either of those is a hardship, you can join over the phone by calling Shareholder Services at 802-246-2821.

  • Each share of the BFC costs $80. Food For All shareholders typically make $5 payments every three months for 36 months until the full $80 is paid off, but if that is a hardship for you, it’s easy to apply for and receive a Shareholder Assistance Grant, which covers $60 of the full cost. We’d love to help you receive one of these grants. Just follow this link to the Shareholder Assistance Fund page, or stop by the Customer Service desk.
  • As soon as you sign up with your first payment,** the 10% discount will be applied to your purchases.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Qualifying benefits include EBT, WIC, 3Squares Vermont, Supplemental Social Security Income, or a referral letter from a local community partner organization, such as a food pantry, homeless shelter, or other social service agency.

  • If you don’t fit into these categories but shopping at our Co-op is unaffordable, please talk to us. We are happy to work with you to figure out if you’re a candidate for this program.
  • Contact Shareholder Services if you have questions about eligibility. Just ask for Shareholder Services at the Customer Service desk, call 802-246-2821, or email

Can you tell me more about getting an additional 5% discount by volunteering?

Shareholders who do two hours of volunteering per month receive an additional 5% discount. As of October, 2023, Food For All shareholders can combine the 5% Working Discount with the 10% Food For All discount for a total 15% off.*

  • Volunteer hours can be performed in-store, at our Community Partner organizations, or at one of our TeamWork Opportunity events.
  • For information about volunteering at our Community Partner organizations, learn more about the Commitment to Community Program at this link
  • To sign up to work in one of our store departments, click here. To learn more about working in the store, contact Shareholder Services at or 802-246-2821.
  • TeamWork Opportunity events (TWO) happen approximately once a month. Find out more by contacting Shareholder Services at or 802-246-2821.

At the Brattleboro Food Co-op, we believe that everyone should have access to good, nutritious food for themselves and their families.

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We offer this program in collaboration with our friends at Hunger Free Vermont and Neighboring Food Co-op Association.

*Discount excludes alcohol.

**Please allow up to 72 hours before online shares are processed.