Annual Meeting 2020

Thank you to all who attended the 2020 Annual Meeting, virtually. It was a pleasure to see so many participants take part in this event with the true community spirit the Co-op strives toward daily.

To find out more about our breakout group explorations of the meaning of Welcoming Community Marketplace, click on the Wordle! 

Look! We have posted the meeting for you to view and review. Enjoy.

Huge thanks to Jennifer Zakrzewski and Nadav Malin for their skilled facilitation and tech support.

Much praise and applause for the musical entertainment of John Hughes, an internationally renowned composer, kora player, percussionist and vocalist whose style crosses myriad cultural boundaries and fuses disparate influences. John plays ancient traditional instruments not often heard in the United States, many of which he builds himself. John takes his audience on an intimate musical tour of universal expressions of joy and hope that soothe and up-lift the spirit. Whether playing elegant and stately pieces from the classical repertoire of the Jeli’s (Griot’s) of West Africa or original compositions, John’s kora playing has an uncommon beauty that is, at once, exquisitely detailed and bold.  His signature pieces are rhythmically nuanced and laced with syncopations that cascade off the strings into whirlpools of mesmerizing sound.

Now that you have heard John’s amazing music, please visit his website to learn more about his music and his inspirational sculpture: 

Immense gratitude to the dedicated and honest guidance of our meeting facilitator, Tabitha Moore, LMFT. Tabitha is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and School Counselor in the State of Vermont. She currently works for the University of Vermont training and providing technical and adaptive support to the Vermont Department for Children and Families. She is dedicated to addressing how systems promote or inhibit healthy individual, interpersonal and community development. She has more than twenty years of experience educating, assessing, and engaging communities and organizations around diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and safety. As a former probation officer and youth justice administrator in Onondaga County, NY, Tabitha has intentionally created a unique profile and expertise in multi-disciplinary approaches to these topics as her approach is rooted in the belief that change is an interactional process that requires interdisciplinary solutions. She consults and trains with entities around New England, particularly government entities, non-profit organizations, corrections, and law enforcement agencies on the topics of racial equity and strengthening community relationships.

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