Tastings and Demos

Please note: Tastings and Demos are on pause due to the pandemic. Thank you for your understanding.

The Brattleboro Food Co-op regularly schedules product demonstrations, tastings, and special events in the store.

My vision is for shoppers to fall in love with our food and our community-owned store. I want them to have a pleasant experience at the Co-op and go home with fresh and amazing ingredients to enjoy in their own kitchens with family and friends.”

—Demo Coordinator, Donna Lee

Through demonstrations in the store, we can educate our shoppers with tastings, samplings, and edu-demos about the vast range of products available at the Co-op. Whether we are offering wine or beer, cheese, smoothies, grass-fed beef steak, local produce, gluten-free foods, vegetarian or vegan options, supplements, or a new skincare lotion, the person demonstrating will answer questions, offer suggestions and make additional information available to our valued customers.

Departmental Demos
and Samples

Producer of the Month Demos

Wine & Cheese
Monthly Event
Special Events

Shareholders who have an interest in doing their work-hours with the Demo Department should email the Demo Coordinator at demo@brattleborofoodcoop.coop.

Demonstrations are valuable for building awareness of natural product companies and their brands so that consumers can make sustainable and health-conscious choices in the marketplace.

We all like to try something before we buy it. In-store demos conducted by the Co-op staff or by the manufacturers themselves make this possible. Click here to watch the calendar of upcoming events, demos, and classes!

We encourage local producers as well as national brands which are sold at the Co-op to schedule demos regularly. Manufacturers or producers seeking to demo a product can request information about scheduling should email the Demo Coordinator at demo@brattleborofoodcoop.coop.

Departmental Demos and Samples

Throughout the store, on any given day, you can sample lots of items. And if you would like to try something else, just ask.

  • You will find the latest offerings the Produce Department in self-serve demo stations regularly.
  • Wellness has testers and demo containers available so you may try many bath and beauty products as you peruse the choices available.
  • The Deli places samples on the counters when they can of salads and other mouth-watering and ready to eat foods.
  • NOTE… if you want to try something, don’t hesitate to ask an employee to give you a sample, so you can make an educated decision on your ultimate purchase.
    But please, always ask for assistance.

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Producer of the Month Demos

Once or twice each month, we invite our superstar producer of the month to the Co-op to meet, greet and offer samples and/or information about their products. Most months feature local food producers such as farms, chocolatiers, and Vermont branded foods, however, some months feature woodworkers, artists, and other hard-good producers.

The Producer of the Month is featured in Food For Thought, which is the newsletter published by the Co-op each month. Be sure to watch the calendar for upcoming Producer Visits!

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Wine & Cheese Monthly Event

Wine Tasting and Cheese Pairing are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month from 4-6 pm. You are invited to sample some of our featured wine or malt beverages along with perfectly matched cheese. You must be 21+ years of age with a valid VT ID. Please note there are a couple of months of the year when we offer beer and burgers.

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Special Events

During the year, the Co-op plans special events around special days! Each event differs slightly, but they all have something in common—lots and lots of demos, and samples, and goodies, and giveaways, and even FREE drawings… basically, just lots of fun!

We invite you to watch the calendar for demos, events, and classes for upcoming events and plan to be there!

  • Shareholder Appreciation events
  • Seasonal Tastings
  • Fall & Spring: Stock-Up Case Sale products

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