Shareholder Services

Shareholder Services is now available. at Customer Service available every day from open to close to assist Shareholders and those who have an interest in becoming a Shareholder at the Brattleboro Food Co-op.

Cooperative Principle Number 1: Voluntary and Open Membership

Cooperatives are voluntary organisations, open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.

– Source: International Cooperative Alliance

Shareholder News and Information

Available Working Shareholders Hours!

  • Hours are available in-store for Bagging Groceries (details)
  • Hours are available in-store for Bulk Department Packing (details)
  • Work your hours through our Commitment to Community Program by volunteering time to these local organizations.
  • You can earn your discount hours by sewing shopping bags which raise money for our Shareholder Assistance Fund. Contact us about the details (contact info below)
  • Sew masks for our staff and the community during the pandemic: Click here for information, acceptable patterns and instructions. Contact us about the details (contact info below)
  • Groundskeeping/Garden: Contact us about the details (contact info below)
  • We have re-opened the Bulk department to Shareholder Workers. Read this page for all the information.

As the pandemic recedes and we are able to begin “normalizing”, some of the Shareholder hours jobs should become available again, such as Kitchen Prep, Cheese Cutting, and Grocery Shelving and Fronting/Facing.

How Shareholder Services can help YOU.

Do you want to know more about what it means to be a cooperatively owned business?

Did you forget the name of a new, weird fermented drink you read about on the Internet?

Trying to find the best hot cup of coffee around to get you through the last leg of your drive home?

Come to Shareholder Services.

Come with questions, suggestions, to check your membership, or to join the ranks of our 8,000+ Shareholders.

Maybe you are a Shareholder doing a deep dive into the Co-op’s Bylaws or maybe you are visiting Brattleboro and are just looking for the Deli counter or Frozen Pizza; Shareholder Services is here to help. Our aim is to provide the highest quality customer support and service for the Brattleboro Food Co-op community.

8,000+ owners, countless friends, neighbors, co-op enthusiasts, and shoppers of all varieties ALL have a home here at our desk.

Stop by any day between 10am and 6pm, send an email 24/7, or give us a call (and maybe leave a voice mail during off hours).

What Shareholder Services can help you with:

You can learn more about what it means to be a cooperatively owned business.
• You can purchase your share and become a Shareholder, or purchase a Co-op share as a gift for someone else.
• You can schedule Shareholder work hours, and you can log hours you have worked.
• You can track and manage your Shareholder discounts and payments.
• You can place pre-orders for cases of products.
• You can request a donation for your local organization
• You can check out the Deli’s daily menus.
• You can learn about local organizations with volunteer opportunities.
• You can enroll for an upcoming class or event (all events are online TFN).
• You can schedule a meeting in our Community Room (during the pandemic, the Community Room and Teaching Kitchen are unavailable and closed to the public.
• You can purchase gift cards (you can also purchase gift cards online).

• You can acquire maps and other tourist information on or about the Brattleboro area
• You can pick up this week’s Co-op Sales Flyer, Fresh Deals Sales, or Co+op Deals Circular.

Discount Structure for ShareholdersWORKING SHAREHOLDER – A Shareholder who is under 65 years of age may opt to volunteer for 2 hours per month in the Co-op ,or in the community, to obtain a 5% discount on all purchases at the Co-op (Read General Manager Report from May, 2020’s Food For Thought Newsletter for more information about Working and Elder Shareholder Discount changes).

ELDER SHAREHOLDER – A Shareholder who is 65 years or older.  An Elder Shareholder receives a 5% discount on all purchases at the Co-op with no volunteer commitment (Read General Manager Report from May, 2020’s Food For Thought Newsletter for more information about Working and Elder Shareholder Discount changes).

FOOD FOR ALL SHAREHOLDER – This Shareholder is one who qualifies for assistance with state, town, or other food programs, or is need of support with the cost of their food, receives a 10% discount with no volunteer commitment.

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Contact Shareholder Services

By Telephone: 802-246-2821

By Email:
or send us a note using our Contact Form!

Or stop by the Shareholder Services any day: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm