Shareholder Services

Due to our team at Shareholder Services working on Curbside Pickup,  they have limited hours at the Shareholder Services desk.  

Therefore, we ask that you please call 802-257-0236 with any questions you have concerning Shareholder matters.  

Additionally, all Shareholder hours are on hold;  anyone who signed up in March will be credited for April.
Otherwise, please stay tuned for more information on Shareholder Sign ups and Discounts.  

Lastly, please note that all Shareholder payments can be made at any register by providing the cashier with your Shareholder #.

Want to know more about what it means to be a cooperatively owned business?

Forget the name of that new weird fermented drink you read about on the internet?

Trying to find a hot cup of coffee to get you through the last leg of your drive home?

Come to us! Whether you’re a Shareholder doing a deep dive into the Co-op’s Bylaws or you’re just looking for the salad bar, we’re here to help. Our aim is to provide the highest quality customer support and service for the Brattleboro Food Co-op community. Our 7,200+ owners and countless friends, neighbors, co-op enthusiasts, and shoppers of all varieties all have a home here at our desk. Stop by when you’re in the store, give us a call, or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you out with all (but not limited to) the following:

  • Learn more about what it means to be a cooperatively owned business
  • Sign up as a Shareholder, or purchase a Co-op share as a gift for someone else
  • Schedule Shareholder work hours
  • Track and manage your Shareholder discounts and payments
  • Place pre-orders for cases
  • Request a donation for your local organization
  • Check out the Deli’s daily hot food menu
  • Learn about local organizations with volunteer opportunities
  • Enroll for an upcoming class
  • Schedule a meeting in our Community Room
  • Purchase gift cards
  • Get maps and other tourist info about the Brattleboro area

You can also learn more about becoming a Shareholder by viewing our OWN IT brochure by clicking here. 


READERS AT KIDSPLAYCE on Fridays from 10 am–12 pm.

Contact Lizi Rosenberg, Education and Outreach Coordinator at education@ for further details and training.

BAGGERS for Thursdays–Sundays, 3 pm–7 pm.

Contact Shareholder Services at shareholders@ for further details.

BULK PACKING – Most days in Bulk we are seeking help to pack fruit, nuts, and other food.

Contact Shareholder Services at shareholders@ for further details.

CHEESE – Do you want to help cut cheese? We need your help!

Contact Shareholder Services at shareholders@ for further details.

WORKING SHAREHOLDER – Volunteer for 2 hours a month in the Co-op or in the community and obtain an 8% discount on all purchases.

ELDER SHAREHOLDER – Shareholder’s that are 65 years or older can obtain an ongoing 8% discount with no volunteer commitment.

FOOD FOR ALL SHAREHOLDER – Shareholders who qualify for food programs or are in need of support with the cost of their food can obtain a 10% discount with no volunteer commitment.

Contact Shareholder Service

By Telephone: 802-246-2821

By Email:
  or send us a note using our Contact Form!

Or stop by the Shareholder Services any day: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm