Curbside Pickup: Order Online or by Phone!

Curbside Pickup is available Monday – Friday.

You can order online or via phone 802-246-2800 – 7 am – 10 am.

All orders are processed for next day pickup.

Friday orders are for Monday pickup.

There is no Curbside Pickup Service on Saturday or Sunday.

Basic Guidelines for Curbside Pickup PHONE Orders:

  • Limit 20 items per order, per day (multiples of same item count as 1 item).
  • Hotline open Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 10 a.m.
  • All department have offerings in Co-op that are available for purchase. Those departments outlined below have limited or specific offerings for the time being.
  • Payment by Credit/Debit Card and EBT ONLY for phoned in orders  (Credit/Debit Card ONLY online) which will be taken over phone when your order is ready or when you place your online order.
  • If you have called the hotline for ordering, you will be called for payment when your order is ready the following morning.
    If you ordered online and prepaid, you will have already chosen one of the six time slots for pickup available the following morning.
  • When you come to the Co-op to pickup your order, pull into the parking lot to one of the curbside-labelled spots, open trunk/bed/hatch, and be sure a sign with your name is hanging from the back of your vehicle. You must stay in your car when delivery is made.
  • If you have ordered beer or wine, you will be asked to present a valid ID showing your age to be 21+ in accordance with Vermont state law.

Basic Guidelines for Curbside Pickup ONLINE Orders:

Shop Online - Pick Up CurbsideShop

Basic Guidelines for ONLINE Orders: 

  • You can shop for your favorite Brattleboro Food Co-op products online through Mercato. Online shopping is a part of our Curbside Pickup program. It is available for ordering any time of the day!
  • You can also use your smartphone to order via the Mercato app (which can be found on the Apple Appstore or Google Play)
  • We do not currently offer delivery. If prompted for an address at checkout, click “I’ll pick it up”, or enter your address and  (it will alert you that delivery is not available), and select your time slot.
  • We are starting with six pickup slots available per day between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Monday through Friday. No same day orders. Minimum $20 order, no maximum.
  • Signing up for Mercato is free. Processing fee for online orders is 3% of total plus .27¢.
  • Payments are processed through Mercato and all returns must be through Mercato. A pending authorization will be placed on your card at time of checkout, this will drop off within three business days.
  • Your final total may differ depending on product weight, price, and availability and will be adjusted to reflect actual amounts/product received when we complete your order.
  • If you are unsure of the weight of the items you are purchasing, make your best guess. Go into your “basket” and click “Preferences” under the item to leave a note clarifying the desired quantity or amount (see “other note suggestions” below).
  • Please note that this is a soft launch and we will continue to work on functionality, availability, and product selection.
  • If you think we are missing a product that you usually buy in store, or see inaccurate information on Mercato, you can email
  • Questions about ordering?  Email 
  • Items listed as in stock when placing your order may not be available at time of fulfillment. We appreciate your understanding as we work to improve our online inventory management.


  • Shareholder Discounts do not apply to Mercato/online orders.
  • Pickup ONLY – no delivery available.
  • No credits or coupons.
  • No glass bottle milks returns available (yet).
  • Beer and Wine not available (yet).
  • Credit/Debit cards only.
  • Pickup only, no delivery.

Tips and tricks:

  • During check out you can review your order, each item will have a “Preferences” option that you can click to access a notes field. Use this area to specify your preferences. You can offer guidance about what products to choose, what quantity you would like, and what substitutions are acceptable or unacceptable.

Substitution note suggestions:

  • Are conventional substitutions okay in place of organic?
  • Is there a second choice flavor or variety of the product you are requesting?
  • Is the brand, price, or size of product more important to you?

Other note suggestions:

  • How much product? (In case you don’t know the weight of your product)
      • “One big scoop!” / “Two cups worth”
      • “More is better.” / “I don’t want it to be less than 2lbs.”
  • Credits for Meracto orders are processed through Mercato. Simply log in to your account, view your orders (to find the order number) and call the toll-free number to the left.


Guidelines for pickup:

Don’t worry. We will keep your food cool and safe until you arrive but please pick-up before noon with phone orders and at the established time for online orders.

When you do arrive for pickup (whether it be same day or next day), please stay in your vehicle. A sign with the last name for the order is always appreciated. A staff member will place your order in your trunk, bed, or hatch. If your order contains beer or wine, you will be asked to present valid ID showing your age to be 21+ in accordance with Vermont state law. 


Don’t worry. We will keep your food cool and safe until you arrive (Please pickup within the hour).

Items you may be interested in prior to placing your order…

Bulk Department Click here for available Bulk Department Items

Click for most up to date list of Bulk Department Items available in-store and for Curbside Pickup.
We are no longer offering self-serve in the Bulk Department and are pre-packing in-store, these limited top-selling items for you.

Deli Department Click here for available Deli Grab & Go Foods
 Or stop in and get a sandwich, coffee, smoothie, juice, brick oven pizza or food by the pound to heat and eat at home.

Click for most up to date list of Deli Grab & Go Items available in-store and for Curbside Pickup.  
We are currently pre-packing our fresh Deli favorites, including sliced meats and cheeses in random weight packs. Deli is open again: pizza station, smoothies, coffee, juice bar, Deli-made sandwiches, cold-case food by the pound!

Seafood Department Click here for available Fresh Fish and Seafood

Click for most up to date list of Fresh Fish and Seafood available in-store and for Curbside Pickup.
We are currently cryo-packing our fresh fish and seafood in random weight packs.

Yes, you can purchase your New York Times via Curbside!

If you have a question as to whether we have an item in stock before you order, please ask us when you are placing your curbside order and we will get your request to the correct person/department.

Please note that our Curbside Pickup service is a pilot project and an important service for our community through these trying times. While it won’t be perfect, it will help support those folks who need some groceries each day. Please have forbearance with us, and flexibility, as we make our way though this process.