Order Online or by Phone-Pickup Curbside!

Curbside Pickup Service is available Monday through Friday at the Brattleboro Food Co-op.

You may either use our telephone hotline to place a curbside order, or you may use our online shopping cart to place an order and select your pickup slot. We offer 10 available slots for online shopping, Monday – Friday.

Curbside Pickup Service Details

Curbside Pickup Service Details

Shop online and pickup curbside.

Call us with your order!


Curbside Hotline available
Monday – Friday* / 7am-10am

Shop at ease online!

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All orders placed are for the next day pickup
(*Friday orders are for Monday pickup)
Curbside Service is not available on Saturday or Sunday). 
Before you call, please review these basic guidelines for placing your order… Before proceeding to our online Shopping Cart, please review these basic guidelines for placing your order…
  • The Curbside Hotline is live from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Mondays through Fridays.
  • Orders are available for pickup the following morning with the exception of orders placed on Fridays; Friday orders are for Monday pickup.
  • You may order from ALL departments at the Co-op:
    • Beer & Wine
      (You must be 21+ to order beer or wine, and be will required to present valid ID during your pickup in compliance with VT law)
    • Bulk
    • Cheese
    • Dairy
    • Deli
      (+ Pizza and Grab & Go Foods)
    • Frozen
    • Grocery
      (+ Local Breads and Newspapers)
    • Meat & Seafood
    • Produce
    • Wellness, (Health, Body, Beauty, and Housewares, and Bulk Herbs)
  • All of our SALES may be purchased curbside! Be sure to click here to see all of our current savings before placing your Curbside Order.
  • Please understand, during the pandemic and as we come out of it, that occasionally certain items may be back-ordered, temporarily unavailable, and even limited in purchase quantities.
  • When you place your order, you will be asked if you would accept substitutions. We need to know if you are willing to accept conventional in place of organic, or what your second choice is in brand, color, flavor, etc).
  • When you place your order, your Curbside Salesperson may ask you to define the weight/size, color/flavor of your requested item to ensure your Co-op shopper has what they need to get you exactly what you want.
    • (IE: Do you want one pound of broccoli, or do you really want (1) one large, or (2) two small crowns?
  • Your order will be processed the following morning and you will need to be available by phone to process your payment with a credit card, debit card, or EBT. Once payment is accepted, we ask you pickup your order within the hour.
  • If you have a question as to whether we have an item in stock before ordering, please ask so we can get your request to the correct person/department.
  • Pre-orders are not taken on Curbside (order here or call the department directly to order)
    • However, when you receive a call that a pre-order has arrived, notify your Curbside salesperson to include it in your order for pickup.
  • We offer 10 slots for curbside pickup online shopping Monday – Friday.
  • Our online shopping cart is available 24/7 for you to shop the Brattleboro Food Co-op for your favorite products, order them with ease, and choose a Curbside Pickup slot.
  • You may use any device to order online; computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you are using a handheld device, you will want to download the Mercato App (Mercato is the branded shopping cart we use) to your smartphone or tablet. The app can be found at Apple Appstore or Google Play
    As we do not currently offer delivery, when/if the Mercato App prompts you for an address at checkout, choose the option, “I’ll pick it up.” If you do enter your address, the program will alert you that delivery is not available, and you can continue to choose one of (10) pickup time slots between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.. If all next-day slots are filled, you will see the next available option.

    Remember, Friday orders are for Monday pickup – there is no Curbside Service on Saturdays or Sundays).
  • There is a $20 minimum purchase required to use the online shopping cart, and you are not limited to the number of items you wish to purchase.
  • Please be aware that even though setting up your online account is free, there is a processing fee of 3% (of the order total) + 27¢ for each order.
    • Your payments are securely processed through Mercato. Any returns are also processed through Mercato.
    • You may see a “pending authorization” on your payment card at the time of checkout. This will drop off within (3) three business days.
  • Some of the items you order online have prices which are defined by weight. When you enter your payment information for your order, we do not complete that payment until your order has actually been shopped as your final total for goods purchased cannot be defined until then (IE: product weight if priced per pound or if product order is not available, et al).
  • It can be difficult to assume weights when ordering. Enter your best guess, and go into your “Basket.” Choose “Preferences” and leave us a note to specify what you are hoping for in quantity or size (IE: If you “guess” one pound of broccoli, you can tell us you are really looking for (1) one large, or (2) two small crowns. We will honor that request and adjust your estimated weight before final purchase). Use this “Preference” option to give us other notes, details, or references.
  • You must be 21 years of age to order purchase wine or beer, and you will be asked to present a valid ID when you come to pick up your order in compliance with Vermont state law.
  • Are you willing to take a substitution when a product is not available?
    • Be sure to let us know if  conventional substitutions are okay in place of organic.
    • Be sure to let us know if there a second choice flavor or variety of the product you would accept.
    • Be sure to let us know if brand, price or size is important when requesting substitutions.


  • At this point in time, when you shop online:
    • We cannot apply Shareholder discounts, store credits, gift cards, coupons, or bottle returns.
    • We can only accept credit or debit cards for payment (no EBT).
    • We do not deliver. All purchases are for Curbside Pickup only.
  • If you still have questions about ordering online, or have a comment or suggestion, please email: info@brattleborofoodcoop.coop 
Don’t worry. We will keep your food cool and safe until you arrive but please pick-up before noon with phone orders and at the established time for online orders.

When you come to pickup your order curbside, please:

  1. Pull into one of the marked “Curbside Pickup” parking spaces, head on.
  2. Don your mask and open your trunk/hatch/gate to get ready for your curbside delivery. Be sure to tape/hang a sign on the back of your vehicle with your name clear and visible to our curbside attendants.
  3. You must return to your car to await your delivery. When our Curbside Attendants are done loading your order into your vehicle, they will close the trunk/hatch/gate so there is a touch-less service from start to finish.
  4. If you have ordered beer or wine, you will be asked to present valid ID showing your age to be 21+ in accordance with VT state law.
  5. To ensure your safety, please be sure to speak to someone via the Curbside hotline (802-246-2800) prior to your pickup with regard to any return or exchange (this included bottle returns).
Thank you for trusting your community owned Co-op with your Curbside shopping needs!

If you are not already a shareholder of the Brattleboro Food Co-op, this is a great time to consider ownership in this vital community business. You might even qualify for a discount on your Co-op shopping!

Items you may be interested in prior to placing your order…Please note that our Curbside Pickup service is  an important service for our community.

While it isn’t perfect, it helps support those folks who need some groceries each day.

We appreciate your flexibility, patience, and comments, about this service.